001. About

ARPS is an interactive installation which encourages people to play at the interface of the physical and the virtual.

ARPS invites groups of people to manipulate a series of hybrid physical / virtual objects and with each interaction, each push, twist, lift or slide of the physical objects, those objects’ virtual doppelgängers do astonishing things on screen.

ARPS is designed to encourage subtle, contemplative interactions informed by Play Schemas and was produced with mentoring from Collusion, and funded with the award of an Arts Council England Project Grant. Further supported by LEVEL, Near Now and an Arts Council England DYCP Grant.

ARPS foregrounds explorative play, bringing people together to learn the logic that controls the objects.

002. Shown at

User Test, Cambridge Junction, Cambridge, 2021.
User Test, Prime Yarc, Gt Yarmouth, 2021.
Art Tech Play, Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 2021.
Playgrounds, Site Gallery, Sheffield, 2021.
ARPS Immersive (Solo), LEVEL, Rowsley, 2022.

003. Versions

Iteration A.

The first iteration of ARPS presents users with six handheld objects which can be slid and rotated across a 40x50cm glass tabletop sitting on top of a custom designed ply console table. Inside the console table an iPad runs the ARPS software sending data to either a flatscreen monitor attached to the console or to a projector for more impact.


Iteration B.

The second iteration of ARPS presents users with eight handheld objects which can be slid and rotated across a larger 100cm diameter glass tabletop. Cameras below the table capture data which feeds back to a high end PC, in turn driving up to four projectors configured in a wrap around fashion around the room. This iteration of ARPS provides a immersive experience for up to six people using the table at once.


Iteration C.

The third, in development, iteration of ARPS moves away from handheld objects to room scale ones. People can reposition large objects on wheels, picking up and re-orientating medium sized objects, all the while a large single screen projection plays back a rendering of the room featuring these physical objects and their virtual augmentations.

004. Contact