Abstract Playground Series


The four Abstract Playgrounds (AP1-AP4) present players with a virtual scene composed of extracts of the buildings the interactives were first shown in, as such they exist as as responses to physical sites which can be remixed virtually by the player.


Showcase, LEVEL, Rowsley, UK, 2015.
GameCity Festival, NVA, Nottingham, UK. 2016.
Blank Arcade, Hannah Mclure Centre, Dundee, 2016.
Play On, EISF, National Museum of Scotland, UK, 2016.
MozEx, Ravensbourne University, London ,UK. 2016.
Light Night Leeds, Leeds University, Leeds, UK, 2017.
Adventures in Digital Art, Winns Gallery, London, UK. 2017.
Lumen Matrix, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China. 2017.
Game On! Art El Juego, Buneos Aires, Argentina, 2017.
Lightwaves, The Lowry, Manchester, UK, 2017.
Fusion, Eureka Children’s Centre, Halifax, UK. 2018.
Playgrounds, Site Gallery, Sheffield, UK. 2019.
Shanghai International Art Fair, Shanghai, China. 2019.
Spark Children’s Festival, Phoenix, Leicester, UK. 2020.

Years.  2015 - 2017

Collaborators. Andrew Williams, LEVEL Participants, Oliver Payne

Commissioned by. LEVEL, D-Lab, EISF, LNL, Quays Culture

Eureka! The National Children’s Museum – New Spark Gallery exhibition, Fusion: Adventures in Digital Art by The Lumen Prize