Visual Artist and Creative Technologist based in Norwich, UK. Using technology, abstraction and play to investigate the relationship between virtual and physical spaces. Outputs include interactive installations, apps and gallery exhibitions.

Organisations I’ve worked with:

National Gallery, British Council, Tate, Nottingham Contemporary, Near Now, Lumen Prize, Studio Wayne McGregor, Collusion, NUA, OriginalProjects, Children’s Media Conference, Site Gallery, Fak’ugesi Festival, Edinburgh International Science Festival, Phoenix, QUAD, Queen Mary University, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Art, LEVEL, Eureka Children’s Centre, Light Night Leeds, Quay’s Culture, Yarmonics.

All work is available for licensing, screening and exhibitions. 

Selected Work

Partners : Near Now

Collaborators : Lee Nichols, Aja Ireland

A mobile app / interactive touchscreen artwork used to draw multi-coloured, patterned, vividly expressive images and videos. NeonForms combines a number of prototypes developed during my Near Now Fellowship.

Exhibited at:

"Showcase", Broadway, Nottingham, UK, 2021.

Partners : Collusion, NUA

Collaborators : Oliver Payne - Sound Design, Dan Gregory - Fabrication

ARPS - A physical installation in which people can move physical objects across a glass tabletop and watch their virtual counterparts do incredible things on a screen. In counterpoint to the majority of contemporary interaction design ARPS is designed to encourage subtle, contemplative interactions.

The project began in 2020 as part of the Collusion/NUA - 'Art/Tech/Play' R&D, and was further funded in 2021 with the award of an Arts Council England Project Grant.

Exhibited at:

"User Test", Junction, Cambridge, 2021.
"User Test", Original Projects, Gt. Yarmouth, 2021.
"Playgrounds", Site Gallery, Sheffield, 2021.
"Showcase", Broadway, Nottingham, 2021.
"Art Tech Play", NAC, Norwich, 2021.
"What the T*CH", Junction, Cambridge, 2021.

Partners : LEVEL, D-Lab, EISF, Light Night Leeds, Quays Culture

Collaborators : Oliver Payne - Sound Design

A series of four screen-based interactives developed between 2015 and 2017 in which people press buttons to interact with 3D scenes, manipulating the virtual abstracted geometry of the sites at which the interactives were first installed.

All four Abstract Playgrounds can be exhibited in forms from large scale projections, custom table controllers and large screens, to more intimate self contained arcade cabinets.

iPad and iPhone versions are available from the Apple App Store.

Exhibited at:

"Install", LEVEL, Rowsley, UK, 2015.
"BYOB", Freight, Norwich, UK, 2015.
"Blank Arcade", Hannah Maclure Centre, Dundee, UK. 2016.
"GameCity Festival", NVA, Nottingham, UK. 2016.
"MozEx", Mozilla Fest, Ravensbourne University, London, UK., 2016.
"Adventures in Digital Art", Winns Gallery, London, UK. 2017.
"Light Night Leeds", Roger Stevens Building, Leeds, UK, 2017.
"Lumen Matrix", Today Art Museum, Beijing, China, 2017.
"Game on! El arte en juego", Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2017.
"Play On", EISF, National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, UK, 2017.
"Fusion : Adventures in Digital Art", Eureka, Halifax, UK, 2018.
"Abstract Playground", LEVEL, Rowsley, UK. 2018.
"Playgrounds", Site Gallery, Sheffield, UK. 2019.
"Frequency Festival", Lincoln, UK, 2019.
"Ramfest", QUAD, Derby, UK. 2019.
"Shanghai International Art Fair", Shanghai, China. 2019.
"Spark Children’s Festival", Phoenix, Leicester, UK. 2020.
"Type", Broadway Studio Gallery, Nottingham, UK. 2020.

Partners : None

Collaborators : Oliver Payne - Sound Design

A touchscreen interactive in which people can use simple tools to draw incredibly complex geometry into 3D space; a series of images created using the said software and a physical installation presenting the images as light-boxes. Created in response to Daniel Liebeskind's 1980's 'MicroMegas' drawings.

Exhibited at:

"Cube Art Project", Lincoln, Nebraska, US,. 2018.
"Interact", Sainsbury Centre for Visual Art, Norwich, UK, 2018.
"Dreamscapes", Space Studios, Norwich, UK, 2018.
"Show", Ex Marks the Spot, Gt. Yarmouth, UK. 2018.
"Concrete Fever Dream", Tetbury Goods Shed, Tetbury, UK. 2018.
"Type", Broadway Studios Gallery, Nottingham, UK. 2020.

Partners : National Gallery

Collaborators : NGX Team

Through 2020 I worked as a member of an interdisciplinary creative team on the National Gallery's Gossaert - 'Sensing the Unseen' exhibition. Over a number of sprints I was involved with Ideation, Prototyping, User Testing and finally Building digital parts of the experience in Unity.

Exhibited at:

"Gossaert -Sensing the Unseen", National Gallery, London, 2020.

Partners : British Council

Collaborators : Sam Shepherd - Audio Design

A touchscreen interactive developed in response to the densely layered urban scene in Maputo, Mozambique. Designed during ColabNowNow 2018- a British Council Southern Africa Arts Residency Scheme.

iPad and iPhone versions are available from the Apple App Store.

Exhibited at:

"ColabNowNow", Botanica, Maputo, Mozambique. 2018.
"Abstract Playground", LEVEL, Rowsley, UK. 2018.
"Ramfest", QUAD, Derby, UK, 2018.
"Type", Broadway Studio Gallery, Nottingham, UK. 2020.

Partners : QUAD, Queen Mary University, Caernarfon Castle

Collaborators : None

Automated Spatial Transformations is a series of work in which parts of virtual models of physical spaces the work is shown in are procedurally repositioned, rotated and scaled- mirroring the 3 most used transformations in 3D software and suggesting alternative modes of spatial configuration. The disjointed, exploded layouts that the software proposes is in some iterations of the work immediately printed and displayed in situ.

Exhibited at:

"Native : Construct the Future", Hoxton Gallery, London, UK, 2016.
"Will Hurt : Configurations", QUAD, Derby, UK, 2016.
"Topophilia", Nees, Denmark, 2017.
"Stamp : Castell02", Caernarfon Castle, UK, 2018.
"Intersections", Mile End Art Pavilion, London, UK, 2018.