Built in response to Daniel Libeskind’s 1980’s Micromegas drawings, Mass combines gestural stylus input with computational algorithms allowing for highly complex, navigable environments to be produced. The software has been used to produce large scale prints, videos and installations, an iPad version is in development.


Outpost Studio Holders Show, Norwich, UK, 2018.
Cube Art Project, Lincoln Nebraska, USA. 2018.
Dreamscapes, Space Studios, Norwich, UK. 2019.
Interact, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich, UK. 2019.
Concrete Fever Dream, Tetbury Goods Shed, Tetbury, UK, 2019.
Ex Marks the Spot, Original Projects, Great Yarmouth, UK. 2019.

Years.  2018 - 2021

Collaborators. Oliver Payne

Commissioned by. None